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Telemarketers, Scams, and Annoying Phone Calls

For the last couple weeks I have been getting called by someone/some company who claims to be “Cardmember Services” They start with a little pre-recorded spiel about being my final notice (Yeah right! I only wish it was my final notice.) to lower my credit card interest rates. The messages goes on to say “Press 1 to speak to an agent.”

The first time they called, I pressed 1 and when they came on I asked to be removed from their calling list as I am on the National Do Not Call registry. They promptly hung up the line. I then tried calling them back on the number they called on and the line reported that it was no longer in service. “Great!” I thought, these losers don’t want to be called back.

I left it alone and sure enough the next day at a different time, I get a call again, only this time the number was a different number on the caller ID. So I did the routine again and pressed 1. I led them on for a bit about being interested in their service and when they got suspicious of my schemes (when I asked them who they were with) they just hung up.

Sure enough, the next day I get another call, it is the same thing. This time, I got a little further with them, to the point where, just as I suspected, they wanted a credit card number to verify I had the debt. Meanwhile I am recording this whole conversation the whole time. I quickly found a cool website with a bunch of numbers that will pass the MOD10 algorithm test and gave one of them to the lady. She said she was going to run it and would be right back. I waited a few minutes and then she had me verify the number. I repeated it back to her and she put me on hold again for a few more minutes. Finally she said, ‘I am having a lot of trouble running that number, I can’t help you.” and then she hung up.

I did some research on these numbers that have called and came up with the following information:

First number that called was 865-292-0385:

tnID Database Record For 865-292-0385
Current Telephone Company: Current Provider
Original Telephone Company: Brooks Fiber Communications – Tennessee
Brooks Fiber Communications
(865) 291-5000
620 Market St Ste 600
Knoxville, TN 37902

Original Telephone Company Type: Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)
Estimated City: Knoxville
Estimated Region: Tennessee
Estimated Postal Code: 37917
Equipment Location Code: KNVLTNIIDS0
One of the other numbers that called: 01-942-2887

tnID Database Record For 201-942-2887

Caller ID: Caller ID
Current Telephone Company: Current Provider
Original Telephone Company: Mcimetro Ats Inc.
Original Telephone Company Type: Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)
Estimated City: Jersey City
Estimated Region: New Jersey
Estimated Postal Code: 07304
Equipment Location Code: NBWKNJ17DS1

Possible contact information for MCIMETRO, ATS, INC

MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
Godfrey Chisanga
2400 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson TX 75082

MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
Laura Dalton
500 Summit Lake Dr. 4th Floor
Valhalla NY 10595

MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
Godfrey Chisanga
2400 N. Glenville Dr.
Richardson TX 74082

MCImetro Access Transmission Services LLC
Laura Dalton
500 Summit Lake Dr. 4th Floor
Valhalla NY 10595

Jersey City, United States

Information: Warning: This caller is most probably a spam caller
Spam Score: 100%

I have filed a complaint three times with the FCC at

Feel free to comment with any success stories in defeating these scammers or tricks you have used, funny stories, etc. I Feel if I can at least waste ten minutes of their time I have accomplished something. What do you think?

Additional Number to add to the list that has called:

tnID Database Record For 512-501-3637

Current Telephone Company:
Current Provider

Original Telephone Company:
Brooks Fiber Communications – Texas

Original Telephone Company Type:
Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

Estimated City:

Estimated Region:

Estimated Postal Code:

Equipment Location Code:

This file has been accessed a total of 18 times. [ Delete File ]
Last accessed on Tuesday, June 14, 2011 4:03:32PM EDT.

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3 responses to “Telemarketers, Scams, and Annoying Phone Calls

  1. Elise Palmer February 23, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Back in 2013 calls started from all the following numbers: FYI- I just ignored the calls
    TELE FUND 303-293-2727 everyday from 8-27-13 to 9-14-13
    ASSISTANCE – 203-538-0995 started 8-30-13 ended 9-5-14
    GRAVEN FOR LHJ 515-200-1016 started 8-14-13 ended 9-5-14
    ANAHELM CA 714-607-6298 once called 8-28-13
    GE CAPITAL 913-676-4100 once called 8-7-13
    LAS VEGAS, NV 702-705-5398 once called 8-22-13
    ? – 253-236-2698 called once
    ? – 458-201-0417 called once
    ? – 541-981-4219 called once
    TOLL-FREE CALLE – 1-800-251-5860 started 8-14-13 and ended 8-15-13
    ” ” – 1-800-950-9396 called once
    OUT OF AREA – 1-860-556-3346 started 10-1-13 ended 10-2-13
    ” ” – 1-303-351-5183 started 10-1-13 ended 10-7-13
    ” ” – 1-201-845-6009 once called 9-11-13
    ” ” – 1-860-415-6391 started 9-12-14 ended 9-22-13
    OUT OF AREA – 1-203-433-3355, 203-433-3359, 203-4333-3367, 203-433-3350, 203-433-3365, 203-433-3363, 203-433-3345, 203-433-3371, 203-433-3375, 203-433-3349, (these callers just says on my caller ID “OUT OF AREA” which the area code is in my area and I do not answer the phone and they end up hanging up after 2 or 3 rings) The numbers I just listed continue to come and go since Sept 2013 and as of today 2-23-14. The caller will always call in the evenings sometimes right near the dinner hour and then possibly one more time in the late evening.
    OUT OF AREA – 1-203-893-4770 NEW number calling as of Feb. 2014
    ” ” – 1-203-763-1967 called once back in Sept 2013
    ” ” – 1-201-845-6009 called once back in Sept 2013
    ” ” – 1-860-415-6391 called once back in Sept 2013
    OUT OF AREA – 1-203-688-0778 called once back in Sept 2013
    ” ” – 1-203-624-4208 called once back in Sept 2013
    ” ” – 1-708-615-2051 ” ”
    ” ” – 1-203-397-1988 ” ”
    ” ” – 1-206-397-1988 ” ”
    OFA – 201-845-6009 only once Sept 2013
    Service Customer – 203-538-0952 Sept 2013
    UNKNOWN NUMBERS STARTED BACK ON 9-16-13, however numbers have stopped as of 2014
    203-346-1766 and 340-693-9071
    STEAM GLOBAL S. = 1-480-707-5300 called once back in Oct. 013
    MEMBER SERVICES – 1-860-791-6711 Three times only in Sept 2013
    FLORIDA – 1-305-368-8891 only once in Oct. 2013
    ECHOSYSTEMS – 1-510-201-5536 once in Sept 2013 and Oct 2013

    That is all I have for right now. I continue like mentioned above from the 203-433-33 etc numbers listed above every day. I am listed on the DO NOT CALL LIST and have always updated since anytime I remember to. This is the first time I kept a record of all the callers. I wanted to write to my State Senate to help prevent these telemarketers from calling. I do not know if that is even worth it. If I can pass on numbers of theses callers listed above then it will help others not to fall for anyone trying to get their identity.

    Thanks for letting me share :)

    GOOD LUCK to all.

  2. Parris Larrain December 19, 2013 at 8:29 pm

    When I asked Google who was mci metro ats inc i got that it was a commercial research company but also I got that it was the largest telecommunications company in the world. They knew I had financed a car and asked about my interest rate. The one strange question I got was, “you bought a car and you weren’t happy with it?” It was weird. Have the credit bureaus been hacked or has a credit bureau insider or more than one, sold the personal info of everyone in their databases, which is everyone? But, why would they bother to call? I don’t get why they are actually wanting to talk to people…help?

    • analogbytes December 19, 2013 at 11:56 pm

      MCI is a phone and data carrier. The individual calling you is a scammer using a phone number that is on the MCI phone switch – most likely an internet phone number like Google Voice uses or something of the like. The phone number has to be routed into the telephone system through a phone switch and MCI happens to be the switch with that number. They most likely did not “know” you financed a car but were merely guessing based on the fact that many people finance cars. They are seeking information they can use to steal your identity. If they really knew you financed a car, they would also know the interest rate and more information about you. Never give information to these people. They always tell me “we see that you have made some payments on time…” – how likely is it that one of the people they call is making payments on time? Many people make their payments on time. If they really could see my credit information, they would see that I don’t carry a balance on any of my cards. They come off sounding as if they know information about you but it is a trick to get you to give them your information. The moment you ask any information about them or ask them to provide a website or something that you can use to verify that they are indeed who they say they are, they hang up. Good luck getting back through to them when you dial them back as the number they use is unreachable. Unfortunately, the only solution for us at this time is to change our number – it is what we were told by our phone company (cell phone) They call my wife’s phone at least twice a day now.

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